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About Eco Fashion By Wilma

Wilma was born out of a desire to combine a high degree of fashion with caring for our planet.

The year was 2018. Two Swedish tech entrepreneurs, Pärlan Fritz and David Malmqvist, had been working with premium tech products over the course of ten years and they saw the industry change. Cheap, poor quality accessories began competing with Swedish premium products. All the while, the threat of global warming, melting glaciers, major forest fires and plastic islands in our oceans was increasing. Fritz and Malmqvist became determined to be part of the solution, to give future generations the opportunity to experience our planet’s magnificent nature. Inspired by Pärlan's teenage daughter and her contemporaries, the pair developed their first collection of tech accessories focused on style, made from 100 percent renewable materials. They call it Eco Fashion by Wilma, a name that has come to symbolize an entire generation of style-conscious, determined young adults. Wilma stands for WILL, the will to make a difference.


Pärlan Fritz
Pärlan Fritz
Head of Sales
Niklas Fredman